8. General Information

All extensions currently available in GitHub are listed in the MLPro extension hub.

8.1. What is an MLPro Extension?

An MLPro extension is technically a public GitHub repository that meets the following criteria:
  • Topic mlpro-extension

  • At least one release

  • Recognizable reference to MLPro

  • Documentation of all functionalities

  • Executable and understandable example programs

  • Terms of use/License

  • Clean code (if provided)

8.2. How to contribute to the MLPro extension hub?

Placing your own MLPro extension here on the extension hub is free. Simply create and publish your extension as described above. It will be automatically detected, and a GitHub issue will be created for inclusion in the extension hub. This issue prompts us to review and incorporate your extension. All administrators of the extension are automatically involved in the comment area, where we can also discuss questions or annotations on demand. Once the review is done, your extension will be released to the extension hub. It will then automatically appear here in the documentation the following day.

We recommend using our template https://github.com/fhswf/MLPro-Extension to create your own extensions.

We warmly thank all contributors for your valued work!

8.3. Disclaimer

The respective third-party providers are responsible for the extensions listed here in the extension hub. This applies in particular to the quality, functionality, stability, and seriousness of the extensions. If you have any questions about an extension, please contact the responsible third-party provider directly.